GIMPA is now “messed up” university in Ghana – prof. Stephen Adei

Former Rector of Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) Prof. Stephen Kwabena Adei has called on the management of GIMPA to “shamefully” resign for the mess they have caused the university.

Speaking on StarChat programme on Starr FM, prof. Stephen Adei said, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) as things stands now has no Rector, Vice Rector and Registrar to run the day to day activities of the institute.

“On behalf of staff and faculty of GIMPA, we submit this letter to your high office to express our loss of confidence in the GIMPA Council, and to call for its immediate dissolution to allow the Institute to recover from its steep decline in quality of student services and general academic work. For the seven years that the current chair of Council, Dr. Christina Amoako-Nuama has been in charge of the Council, she persistently placed personal interest ahead of the Institute’s interest, interfered in day-to-day administrative duties, and engaged in gross dissipation of the Institute’s financial resources”.

Prof. Stephen Kwabena Adei added that the Council has failed woefully in performing the duties ascribed to it in the GIMPA ACT. In brief, the chair lacks the integrity required of a person occupying the respectable position she occupies,” senior staff of GIMPA said in a statement a few months ago. GIMPA is messed up. Prof. Adei reiterated

Prof. Stephen Kwabena Adei appealed to authorities in the Education sector in Ghana to step in the get the right things done before the “mess” get out of hand

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