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Ghana’s Second Lady-Samira Bawumia ‘Collapsed’ Today in Accra

According the Gov’t owned news outlet, Graphic, “ Around 12 midday, Mrs Bawumia mounted the dais to deliver her address but a few minutes into it, she requested for water.
After drinking the water, she complained of dizziness and was momentarily seen going down.

Her aides and security detail rushed to hold her and administered the necessary first aid whilst the perimeter was cordoned off.

A stretcher was quickly drawn from one of the vehicles in the Second Lady’s convoy.

Mrs Bawumia was cordoned off and later conveyed to one of the vehicles before the convoy moved out of the hotel.

The opening ceremony came to an abrupt end and the invited guests including the Deputy Greater Accra Regional Minister, Mrs Elizabeth Sackey and delegates had to disperse from the auditorium of the hotel.“

Credit- Chris

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