Ghana’s development linked to respect for women – Mahama

Ghana cannot move forward unless the rights of its women are fully respected in the country by all, President John Dramani Mahama has noted.

Mr Mahama stated that more women were now taking part in the decision-making process both at the local government and national level in Ghana.

He, however, noted that there was still more work to be done in empowering women in the country.

Mr Mahama posted on his official Facebook page Saturday July 23: “I was elated to bring home from Kigali an African Gender Award 2016, in recognition of our achievements in the advancement of the economic and social rights of women.

“I am a strong believer in women’s rights and in gender equality. We are continuing to enhance the support we give our market women in the form of small loans. There has been an increase in the LEAP benefits to the poor so that more women can get the economic and social opportunities they deserve.

“More and more women are taking part in the decision-making process both at the local and national level in Ghana today. I know we still have a lot to do, but I am confident that Ghanaian women will get more and more empowered. I will forever be their ally in their fight for more justice, more equality, and more dignity.

“Ghana simply cannot move forward unless Ghanaian women’s rights are fully respected!”


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