The anger and indignation being felt across the world at terrible, fraudulent outcome of 2012 elections in Ghana came alive when hundreds of Ghanaians including members of the Coalition of Ghanaians against Electoral Fraud(COGEF), the Movement for Genuine Democracy(MGD), The Progressive Youth for Change and Transparency(PYCT) and The Stop tribalism in Ghana group demonstrated outside the Ghana High Commission offices in Highgate, North London. The demonstrators held placards and chanted songs amid drumming and brass band music. Some of the placards read ‘Error President’ ‘Election2012 was stolen’, ‘Fraudulent elections, corruption and stealing must stop’,’Mahama likes akonfem’ and ‘Dr Afari Gyan is a complete disgrace’ .The demonstrators also condemned President John Mahama and the Vice President Kwesi Amissah Arthur for their interference and for Mr Mahama especially, his audacious attempt to sabotage of the judicial process in Ghana by trying to manipulate the outcome of the case with his scandalous comments at his party’s headquarters before coming into the country. They also called for Mr Amissah Arthur to be arrested by the National Security Agencies and be investigated for his alleged visit to the house of Justice Vida Akoto Bamfo on the 25th of May.

Most of the protesters who were interviewed were surprised the British government will be extending courtesies to a man who had a serious case against him , together with the country’s electoral commission before the Supreme Court of Ghana. It was important they said, that Prime Minster David Cameron and his government were not seen to undermine constitutional rule and give credence to corrupt, illegal and fraudulent regimes in Africa .

Mr Mahama, who was addressing members of his party in the UK inside the Ghana High Commission was forced to break his speech several times and dab his face with a white handkerchief obviously sweating profusely from the noise as well as hoots of derision and boos from the crowd outside the commission.

Earlier on, John Mahama had denied Ghanaians the right to join other dignitaries at an event organised at Chatham house by insisting that Ghanaians with Ghanaian surnames be removed from the list of those invited thus preventing any awkward questions or uncomfortable situations which caused anger among Ghanaians.

Joana Aba Finnis, co-ordinator of the Progressive Youth for Change and Transparency group said the demonstrations and protests against John Mahama and the Electoral Commission of Ghana will continue until justice was served to the people of Ghana by the Supreme court.

She said more demonstrations are being planned for next month at all Ghana missions across the UK, Europe and Global media houses such as the BBC, SKY News ,Al Jazeera and CNN.

Source -Coalition of Ghanaians against Electoral Fraud(COGEF)
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