Ghanaians took to twitter and other social media platforms to laud former President Mahama for advising his party’s leadership and supporters to focus on restructuring the party before all other issues. In a statement issued by the office of the former President, Mr Mahama formally thanked the chairpersons caucus of the NDC and reiterated his position on request coming from the party’s rank and file that he must contest for 2020 Presidential candidate contest. During the meeting the former President stressed the need for the party’s leadership across the structures from branch to National to work towards educating supporters on the ongoing branch organisation opportunity to build up the support base of the party in the communities.

The hardest part of a problem is the understanding precisely what is the problem and that was the Philosophy the former President espoused per his decision. Perfect healing should start right out by diagnosing precisely what caused the disease. Otherwise, you will begin the healing process with a shaky foundation. And once you adhere to the prescribed medical processes, you will know how to approach the healing process.

Seeing the bigger picture, a broader perspective allows us to consider multiple aspects of a situation. From a broader perspective, choices are made based primarily on holistic concerns, whereas from a narrower perspective, those priorities are weakened and even reversed. As a loyal party man with vast experience when it comes to party organization and who desires the best for the NDC, he has done informed study of the myriad of problems which confronted the party in the last few months, especially the oney which had cost the party few electoral hitches and most especially the 2016 presidential election. He made his position on the need for the lame horse to be healed properly immediately after the 2016 defeat and always called on the party’s leadership and the rank and file to rally around the umbrella as the party embarks on its reorganization process.

He always advised party folks to come together and see challenges facing the organisation as surmountable. His position has been that, the problems could be rectified through careful evaluation of the problems, willpower and ability to work through difficult situations, concession and compromises if need be, and ability to move all party folks into one disciplined accord on all matters. Yea, it is true and factual that the former President doesn’t need popular endorsement to win the upcoming contest if he decides to contest.

But I don’t think we must crucify those who are calling on the former President to come out with a statement assuring them of his willingness to contest. A combination of incoherent policies, corruption, nepotism and incompetence on the part of the Akufo-Addo- led administration have caused serious tension and uneasiness in the country culminating in this vehement call for the Messiah to land in 2020. Comments made by Dr Bawumia and his special advisor Gideon Boako in response to the Vice President’s 419 digital addressing system and abysmal performance of his economic team, confirms the assertion that, this government and its officials seem bent on continuing what has become an official position of the Akufo-Addo- led government to reduce commentary on public issues and indeed the art of governance to comedy.

It is unfortunate, shameful and embarrassing that having been in power for almost a year, the Akufo-Addo- led government is unable to point to cogent, convincing and data driven achievements. Instead, it spends bulk of its time repeating those useless and unrealistic promises it made during the campaign, harassing media personnel and media houses, and intimidating its political opponents with threats of political persecution. The administration spends millions of dollars to manipulate some media houses and journalists to support its propaganda, half truth and outright falsehood in an attempt to continually deceive the Ghanaian people.

The former President deserves the commendations being rained on him. It takes a leader with exceptional leadership qualities to take that bold decision. The psychologist Abraham Maslow once said, “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail” Without a new way of viewing the world we will most likely use the same kind of thinking that created so many of our problems.

Focusing only on what we already know can limit our ability to think more broadly. This is main reason behind my earlier call on those who focus only on the negatives of the past and describe the NDC’s defeat as something “strange” to measure and control their tongue. Many push that agenda and mischievously portray the NDC as a fragmented organization to serve their parochial interest. Apart from the party’s internal issues, the Npp’s lies and unrealistic promises contributed hugely to

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