Ghanaians cry over stressful simultaneous Ghana Card, SIM registrations and SSNIT-Ghana Card merger

Numerous Ghanaians have expressed frustrations at the troubles they have to go through in a bid to obtain a Ghana Card in the ongoing NIA registration.

The National Identification Authority has been carrying out a nationwide registration to have a biometric database of all Ghanaians above the age of 18.

However, the process has been fraught with challenges such as long winding queues at inadequate registration centres, people not getting their cards years and months after having stood in the long queues for several days, people having to allegedly pay bribes to registration officials to avoid the queue, among other challenges.

The above-mentioned challenges have been compounded by the dependence on the Ghana Card by the Ministry of Communication as a key requirement for the ongoing SIM re-registration exercise which started in October last year and is expected to end in March 2022.

As if that was not burdensome already, the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) has also asked that all contributors merge their cards with that of the NIA before the end of last year, although it has extended the deadline to the end of June 2022.

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Interestingly, while the NIA still has a huge number of Ghanaians to register, coupled with all the challenges stated above, the Ministry of Communication has indicated that it would not extend the deadline for the SIM registration, and failure to meet the deadline would lead to the deactivation of one’s phone number.

The simultaneous rollout of three different laborious exercises has put so much pressure and stress on Ghanaians including workers who risk losing their jobs if they choose to stay in long queues for days to get Ghana Card.

In all the efforts to acquire the Ghana card, another big challenge that arises is the spread of Covid-19 because the safety protocols are hardly observed at the registration centres where people jostle for space in the long queues.

On Wednesday, January 5, Pulse Ghana made a social media post seeking to know what challenges Ghanaians have been facing in their quest to get registered for the Ghana Card, and the reactions have been massive.

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