Ghanaians congratulate President Mahama

The president proved how innovative he is with how he went about his State of the Nation Address. Daniel Mensah

This clearly shows that the president is on top of issues and knows what is happening in every sector of the economy under his watch. Ama

The president made us know how every single project being undertaken by his government is impacting positively on the lives of Ghanaians. James

The president is focused on changing lives and transforming Ghana and is State of the Nation address confirmed it.@Emelia

President Mahama and the NDC government must be retained to continue such good works. @Eugene

This is a true state of the nation address and a historic one as well. @Sam Kofi

Governance in Ghana has been taken a step higher by President Mahama. @ Linda Kumi

Watching the president address the nation today was enough to make me conclude that this government deserves a second term.@Belinda Asare

The president stood on his feet for almost four hours and told us the realities on the ground. In short, JM toaso. @Kwame Kumasi

This address was truly evidence based and made us see that a lot is happening and most of the seeds we planted as a nation are bearing fruits now. amina

By-Fred -

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