Ghanaian Parliament votes to abolish the death penalty

26th July 2023

In a landmark decision, Ghana’s parliament has taken a historic step by voting to abolish the death penalty, joining the ranks of progressive African nations that have recently moved to repeal capital punishment.

Since 1993, no executions have been carried out in Ghana, but as of last year, a staggering 176 individuals remained on death row, according to data from the Ghana Prisons Service.

The revolutionary bill will amend the Criminal Offences Act, replacing the death penalty with life imprisonment, as outlined in a comprehensive parliamentary committee report. For the law to be fully enacted, President Nana Akufo-Addo must provide his assent.

Francis-Xavier Sosu, the Member of Parliament for the Madina constituency who passionately championed the bill, celebrated the monumental achievement, stating, “This is a tremendous advancement for Ghana’s human rights record.”

He further revealed that extensive research, including constitutional review and opinion polls, revealed that the majority of Ghanaians were in favor of abolishing the death penalty.

The significance of Ghana’s decision cannot be understated, as it marks the country’s 29th nation in Africa and the 124th globally to abolish capital punishment.

The Death Penalty Project, a prominent London-based NGO, collaborated with local partners in Ghana to support the transformative law change.

This momentous event reflects Ghana’s commitment to promoting a more just and humane society, where human rights are valued and protected.

As the world watches, Ghana’s progressive stance on abolishing the death penalty sets an inspiring example for nations worldwide.

Written by Web Master

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