Ghanaian Media Personality Prince Opoku Ofosu Escapes Threats and Violence for LGBT Advocacy

Ghanaian media personality Prince Opoku Ofosu has shared his journey of advocating for the rights of the LGBT community in Ghana, leading to threats, violence, and a desperate escape to the United States.

Prince Opoku Ofosu, well-known for his media influence, boldly took a stand for the rights of the LGBT community in Ghana. Despite facing strong backlash and threats from religious groups and communities, he remained steadfast in his commitment to fighting for their rights.

As his advocacy gained momentum, Prince Opoku became a target for threatening attacks, both online and in his immediate surroundings. The situation escalated to the point where he identified himself as the leader of the cause, attracting violent threats from unknown individuals, possibly connected to political and government figures.

Desperate for safety, Prince Opoku reached out to the Ghana Police, exposing the threats on social media and filing a formal report. Unfortunately, his pleas were not taken seriously, and he faced the looming threat of incarceration. With the danger intensifying, Prince Opoku made the difficult decision to leave his community, seeking refuge in Accra, Ghana’s capital.

However, even in Accra, the threats persisted, leading him to the heartbreaking realization that his safety could only be ensured by leaving Africa altogether. After careful consideration, Prince Opoku sought asylum in the United States, recognizing it as a haven where individual rights are respected and upheld.

In his plea to continue living in the United States, Prince Opoku shared the tragic fate of friends within the LGBT community in Ghana, citing the disguised murders and kidnappings they endured. He emphasized the fear for his life if he were to return, stating that seeking refuge in any other African country wouldn’t guarantee his safety.

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