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GHANACARD TO COST 1,800,000 CEDIS PER CARD, Akufo Addo and his ministers are “THIEVES” in suit

Yesterday my article titled *”GHANACARD MUST BE FOR ALL NOT ONLY FOR THE ELITE”* received a response from the implementors of the Ghanacard project with assurance that they will look at the basic requirements before the project finally starts since it has been postponed indefinitely.

In the same article, I promised to come back to dissect the cost of the project which has caused lots of headaches to many since the pronouncement on the cost was made.

*I was shocked the CEO of the NIA Prof. Ken Ataafuaa confirmed on Joy news that the project will cost $1.2billion.*

The figure does not shock only the people of Ghana but the world as well and was as well reported by BBC with as a shocking news.

*The total cost of the project which they claim is $1.2billion meaning the cost of printing a single card for 30million Ghanaians will be GHC180 per card*

1,800,000 cedis per card abaaa! What have we done wrong koraaaa?Is the card going to be inspected at heaven gate before entry? This is a daylight robbery and I think the CEO must be sacked immediately for defrauding the good people of Ghana!

This National Identification Project was supposed to cost $115million under John Mahama but Npp in opposition said Mahama is a “thieve” because the project could cost $10million.

IMANI told us after a comprehensive study of the whole project it should not cost us more than $97million.

Even their own Kennedy. Agyapong said he can use $50million for the project but today, we are being told the project is estimated to cost a whooping $1.22Billion and 1,800,000 CEDI’s per card.

*With careful scrutiny, one will realize the cost per head will even be more that the GHS180.00 because we are told it will be issued to only people above the age of 15.*

All these are happening under the watch of loud anti corruption crusaders, men of God and others who were very loud under John Mahama’s government when it comes to issues of corruption.

Today, it is either the massive corruption that is all over the place doesn’t appear on their TV or they have suddenly developed love for animal channels.

Judgment day will be very interesting because there will lot’s of surprises.

Am Still A Citizen And Not Spectator.

*Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO*
B/A Youth Activist.

What do you think?

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