Ghana will soon be energy self-sufficient – President Mahama

President Mahama has indicated that Ghana will soon be a self-sufficient energy country.

He said this will be after some more domestic gas come on stream.
At his last state of the nation address to parliament President John Mahama said, “with the expectation of more domestic gas from the TEN and Sankofa fields, Ghana is entering into an era of energy self-sufficiency.”

“Indeed the warning signals have started sounding about the danger of over-capacity and excess redundancy in our power sector.”
President Mahama said the only challenge Ghana will face will be the excess production of power. He said because his government has anticipated such challenges, they have reached an agreement with the World Bank to rationalise the addition of the new plants.

“We have agreed to work with the World Bank to rationalise the addition of new plants and ensure that we achieve optimum utilisation of existing plant capacity.”
In the early years of the John Mahama-led administration, the country was plunged into an energy crisis.

“I stood in this house and took full responsibility for the crisis and promised that I will do my utmost to fix the problem.”
“It has taken a lot of hard work and effort fast-tracking the deployment of emergency plants and speeding up the completion of on-going plants ensured that we added more than 800megwatts of power over an 18 month period,” he added.

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