Ghana will be less welcoming if anti-gay bill is passed – US ambassador

11th August 2023

The US ambassador to Ghana, Virginia Palmer, has said Ghana remains an attractive destination for investors and discriminating against the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Queer Intersexual (LGBTQI) community will only make her unattractive not only to LGBTQI investors and exporters but also to other American companies.

The US ambassador made the comments when she addressed journalists in Accra on Thursday, 10 August 2023.

According to the US ambassador, Ghana will be less welcoming to investors if it goes ahead with the passing of the anti-gay bill.

She noted: “Lots of ethnic communities make Ghana strong, stable, and attractive for investments. I hope it stays that way with regard to the LGBTQ community. They should be managed to be made the colour of the money green or red if it’s Ghanaian, but if it is discrimination, then that will send a signal not to [only] LGBTQ investors and exporters but to other American companies. Then Ghana will be less welcoming…so I hope it stays that welcoming.”

The bill is currently before the House of Legislature.

Uganda, has however passed law criminalising gay activities in that country.

However, the World Bank recently announced the suspension of new loans to that country due to its new legislation.

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has accused the World Bank of attempting to exert pressure on the government regarding its anti-LGBT legislation.

But in a social media statement, President Museveni stated that Uganda’s development would proceed independently of loans.

“Uganda will develop with or without loans,” Mr Museveni said, adding that it was unfortunate the World Bank was seeking to “coerce us into abandoning our faith, culture, principles and sovereignty, using money”.

“They really under-estimate all Africans. We do not need pressure from anybody to know how to solve problems in our society. They are our problems,” Mr Museveni said.

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