Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) in talks with Ghana Bloggers Association over income tax

President of Bloggers Association of Ghana, Mr. Andre Mustapha Nii Okai Inusah popularly known as Attractive Mustapha has confirmed that the association has had engagements with Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) on the latter’s intention to tax income earned by the former.

Addressing a section of young bloggers at the ibis hotel airport, Attractive Mustapha said GRA’s intention to tax them shouldn’t call for panic.

A few days back, GRA announced their readiness to start taxing bloggers and other professionals in the digital media space.

According to the President, the association and bloggers at large are not against taxation because as good citizens, “We know our taxes are a major source of revenue to the government. Taxes help to advance development and grow the economy” he said.

However, people always rise against taxes because they don’t see the development that they deserve or expect.

“Government should not only be interested in taxing us, rather, should look at how it can help grow those who ply the blogging profession” Attractive Mustapha urged.

He also called on government to help them retrieve their monies from Surfline — who has taken monies of some members and have failed to refund their monies.

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