Ghana ranks 7th in latest Corruption Perception Index

Ghana has been ranked seventh in Africa in the latest Corruption Perception Index (CPI) for 2015 released by Ghana Integrity Initiative, the Local Chapter of Transparency International.

Ghana scored 47 out of 100 and also ranked 56 out of 168 countries but according to the report released Wednesday by the Ghana Integrity Initiative it is still a poor performance.

The report says Corruption is a serious problem in Ghana because, like two thirds of the rest of the 168 countries or territories ranked by their perceived levels of public sector corruption, Ghana scored below the 50 pass mark.

Although the government of Ghana has started pursuing corrupt officials in the country, this is still seen as selective.

Recently officials of the National Service Secretariat, the National Health Insurance Scheme, Smartys Productions and GYEEDA have been pursued by government for various corrupt practices.

The report is also asking that the AMERI case needs to be investigated.

According to the Ghana Integrity Initiative, the African Automobile cars left to rot at the Institute of Local Government Studies even after the Judgment Debt Commission has concluded its work and some indicted officials by the Commission still holding public positions shows that the country has not put in enough effort and commitment in tackling corruption.

“The CPI 2015 scored Ghana 47 out of clean score of 100 and ranked the country 56 out of 168 countries. Thus, Ghana slided back by one percentage point from the 48 points scored in 2014 but better than its performance in 2012 when it scored 45 and 2013 when it scored 46 points.

“Ghana performed below six African countries (Botswana – 63, Cape Verde – 55, Seychelles – 55, Rwanda – 54, Mauritius and Namibia 53).

“However, as in previous years, Ghana’s score and ranking show that the country has performed much better than several other African countries, including South Africa, Senegal and Tunisia.

“Thus, although scoring lower than six African countries, Ghana has scored higher than all the rest of the African countries included in the CPI 2015”.

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