Ghana needs credible voters’ register – CCG

The Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) has been following with keen interest the ongoing debate on the Voters’ Register which has become a major issue of contention between the two leading political parties in the country.

As a Council, we are of the view that the recommendation by the Supreme Court for Electoral Reforms in its 2012 Election Petition judgment sets the basis for what we need to do before the 2016 General Elections as a nation.

In order not to give anybody doubts about the 2016 General Elections and ensure that electorate have confidence in the Voters’ Register and the electoral process, the CCG recommends to the Commission to ensure that the Voters’ Register is CREDIBLE. This is because, a CREDIBLE Register is key to facilitating the Electoral Reforms recommended by the Supreme Court and other stakeholders.

The Council is of the view that, the determination and call for a credible Voters’ Register should be done by electorate and not the political parties.

In pursuance of this, the Electoral Commission must be seen to be independent and engage various stakeholders, especially religious bodies, Civil Society Oganisations and if need be international organisations with experience in elections in working towards a CREDIBLE Voters’ Register for the 2016 General Elections.

The Electoral Commission must further ensure that, we (religious bodies) and other stakeholders are not only engaged in the process of ensuring a CREDIBLE Voters Register but the outcome of the process as we work towards a CREDIBLE Register.

As an ecumenical body, we will continue to remain neutral and non-partisan in all our engagements on national issues as partners in nation building.

The Council assures the Commission of her continuous support to its work.

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