Ghana Cedi Accepted In Guangzhou-Rejoinder

Horace Nii Ayi Ankrah (Deputy Ambassador China ) writes
My attention have been drawn to a statement signed by Mr. Kwabena Adom, a teacher in Guangzhou and one Nana Antwi, a student in Qing-Dao China, regarding the acceptance of the Ghanaian cedi by a restaurant in Guangzhou, China. It is unfortunate that my excitement to see a restaurant in Guangzhou, China accepting the cedi be misconstrued as propaganda.

I would like to humbly state that my statement categorically referred to a restaurant in Guangzhou, supported with a picture depicting management’s notice of the acceptance of the Ghanaian cedi.
I am certain that it was a moment that would have made any Ghanaian official proud. My comment never made reference to the country China as a whole accepting the cedi nor made reference to government of Ghana or Embassy negotiations that should attract any Chinese government interrogation or investigation.
Futhermore, it is my believe that the level of excitement, in Ghana, has come from the fact that the cedi is being accepted elsewhere for the first time.

In addition, May I take this opportunity to assure any group of Ghanaians in China and especially Mr. Adom and Mr. Antwi that no official from the Embassy spend their time attending parties and none has attended or planning to attend an Aponkye Party. The mention of such party, the advert which has been circulating, is not a function that any official of the Embassy have been officially invited to although we at the Embassy have also noticed and questioned the authenticity of the advertisement that has the picture of the Deputy Ambassador as attending.

Mr. Adom and Mr. Antwi are aware that it is pure propaganda by the organisers that the Deputy Ambassador is attending.

However, I do not believe it will be outside the mandate of any official from the Embassy to honour an invitation by a Ghanaian group in China to be with them in their moment of happiness or sorrow.
Officials from the Embassy use their time profitably.

My visit to Guangzhou, where I was able to get a company agree to investing 50M USD into establishing a tile factory in Ghana, is a clear indication of how we use our time profitably.

Such investment is the first of its kind from the city and I would have been happier if the two gentlemen had taken notice of that aspect of my working visit to Guangzhou.

I would also like to place on record that no Ghanaian in China with any form of difficulty, known to the Embassy, is ignored.

My working visit to Guangzhou also offered me the opportunity to address the plight of a Ghanaian trader currently in some difficulties in Guangzhou as known by the authorities.
May I take this opportunity to assure Ghanaians in China that the doors of the Mission is open to all and nothing should make them shy away from engaging officials.

Futhermore, the student leadership, here in China, can inform any doubters the interest that the Embassy has shown in addressing their plights.

The Deputy Ambassador has been speaking to both the student leadership and officials of Scholarship Secretariat back in Ghana in the search for answers for the delay of the payment of allowances.
Finally, I would like by this statement, encourage all Ghanaians in China to endeavour to register with the Embassy to help both sides.

Thank you

Horace Nii Ayi Ankrah
Deputy Ambassador

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