Get familiar with innovative and Tyre Recycling Brand, Universal Tyres Company Limited

At Universal Tyres Co Ltd, we seek to bring to Ghanaian businesses, the world’s leading reuse innovation technology and affordable tyre regimes.
Our principal objective is to assist businesses in general, and fleet managers in particular, up their game by not only widening their profit margins, but also reducing carnage
resulting from tyre burst.

Universal Tyres Co Ltd is located at Amasaman in the Ga East Municipality of the Greater Accra region, adjacent the toll booth on the Nsawam road.
Universal Tyres Co Ltd is basically involved in retreading or remolding of worn tyres, repairs or spot improvement of punched tyres as well as the sale of same. We restore worn out tyres which are within their efficacy periods with new treads, giving them a near 85% reuse lifespan.

Benefits include the ability of transport managers to cut down, by more than half, their transport expenditure through the use of retreads due to their low cost and near excellent quality. It thus gives better
cost savings and wider profit margins for the wise fleet managers.
Universal Tyres Co Ltd has since its establishment, has offered valuable services to numerous reputable organizations, both in the public and private sectors. Some of our clients include but not limited to: MPS, ACS, TCT, HBX, ANTRAK, all of which are shipping and clearing companies located in Tema. We have also worked for quarries including: Quality Quarry, CK, Twin Rock, HBS, Atlantic Quarries, as well as OAK and VIP buses in public transport.

In order to secure consumer confidence in the use of retreaded tyres, Universal Tyres Co Ltd sought the approval of relevant state agencies mandated to ensure quality certifications.
The Ghana Standards Authority and Environmental Protection Agency are among the national quality control bureaus that have given approval to tyres being retreaded by Universal Tyres Company Limited Retreads have been safely used and continue to be safely used the world over. Retreaded tyres from
Universal Tyres Co Ltd, are as safe as the best new tyre, but at a far lower price than a comparable new one.

According to the Tyre Retread Information Bureau of the United States America, there is no significant difference in quality between new and recapped tyres if all retreading protocols are effectively
followed as done at Universal tyres.
If retreads were less safe than new tires, insurance companies would add a premium to the insurance rates for vehicles using retreads, but in fact they are indifferent whether their insured uses retreads or new tyres, because the accident rate of vehicles using retreads is not different from that of vehicles using new

At Universal Tyres, Your safety, our concern! Your profit, our interest! Your business, our business!


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