Homosexuals Umar Hamid and Rafidu Ibrahim escape death at Adenta

16 February 2023

Two homosexuals in the name of Rafidu Ibrahim and Umar Hamid have escaped death at Adenta on Vals Day.

The duo who have been suspected for ages for practicing what the society frowns against were caught real handed when they were making love.

Caught in a highly populated Muslim community, an alarm was raised and people within the community rushed on them and started beating them up,Aziz  Ibrahim who happens to be Rafidu Ibrahim Younger brother quickly came in to save them whiles they got the chance to escape.

The people who took the laws into their own hands and nearly killed the gays were not happy about Aziz Ibrahim’s intervention to save the gays so they turned their anger on him and beat him mercilessly which ended him at the hospital.

Currently, the duo are no where to be found as they have gone into hiding and their pictures have been highly circulated on social media, wanted dead or alive .

Written by Web Master

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