GAF denies role in Bawku deaths, warns residents against engaging soldiers

The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) has refuted accusations of involvement in the recent deaths of three individuals in Sabongari, Bawku.

This follows the January 12th killing of Issah Halidu, a 40-year-old Mamprusi man, which sparked escalating violence in the area.

While acknowledging the rising tensions and tragic loss of life, the GAF firmly denies any involvement in the subsequent deaths.

Their statement emphasizes that the assailants responsible for the recent attack were not held in their custody at any point.

The violence, according to a statement by GAF began on January 12 with the murder of Issah Halidu, a 40-year-old Mamprusi man.

On January 17, unknown gunmen attacked public members, killing two and injuring four others.

Again, on January 18, the GAF fired at a Ghanaian Army post and spotted two locals attempting to light a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) bomb at a Goil Filling Station in Bawku.

The GAF has expressed regret over the deaths but warns against direct engagement with military personnel.

“It is instructive to note that directly engaging the military is a development that could result in fatal consequences; as troops will spare no opportunity to defend themselves as well as protect residents of Bawku. Therefore, factions in the Bawku conflict are cautioned against drawing the military into direct armed confrontation while efforts are undertaken to resolve the current impasse.”

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