I listened to the words of a chief in the eastern region when president Mahama toured the region and campaigned and could only nod my head as I soaked those words down.

The chief asked if anybody will cut down a tree he or she planted which is bearing some real sweet fruits to with all the people in the community benefitting from the fruits in order to plant a new tree which he or she has no assurance will even bear fruits or if the fruits it bear will even be sweet.

These are real deep words and I want all Ghanaians to join me ponder of them. It is a fact that once when the seed of this tree is planted, more labour and sweat like weeding around it, hedging, watering it, etc goes into it but all those sacrifices are paid off by the sweet fruits the tree bears when it finally mature. The sweat and labour while we joined President Mahama plant the Infrastructure seed in Ghana were the traffic situation we had to endure because of road constructions in most parts of the country, the scrapping of trainee allowances to ensure more students are admitted into teacher and nursing training colleges, enduring dumsor to ensure more thermal plants and power badges are put up to provide us electricity, etc.

Today, the seed has become a tree and Ghanaians and the world at large are already enjoying its fruits. No wonder the recent world bank report acknowledged Ghana as the best place to do business in West Africa and the 7th best place to do business in Africa. As usual, most media houses like multimedia, citi fm, peace fm, etc decided to hide these sweet fruits of the infrastructural tree of JM but once a honest and patriotic Ghanaian like myself know about it, I will tell the world about it and I believe my likes who have seen or tasted the fruits will also bear witness to this fact.

Ghana’s aviation sector is a an example of the sweet fruits we are enjoying from the infrastructural tree of president Mahama today. I read from one Nigerian law maker who stated that Nigeria has lost the aviation market to Ghana due to Ghana’s investment in that sector under president Mahama and is not surprised airlines now move from Nigeria to Ghana to buy aviation fuel before taking off to their destinations while others have completely moved to Ghana. The country manager of Air France, Dick Van Nieuwenhuyzen said “I see a new departure terminal being built; recently a new cargo terminal has been opened. You do that because you see growth, you see opportunities to expand your business”. I believe his words are enough to tell us how sweet the fruits of the infrastructural tree in the aviation sector by President Mahama are.

Mr. Francois Pujolas, the French Ambassador said “we in France have great confidence in the Ghanaian market”. Waaaooooow, it’s obvious this sudden interest in the Ghanaian market by other countries in the world is the result of the infrastructural tree planted, nursed and catered for by President Mahama and Ghanaians at large (the opposition who see these investments as useless debts are included though they wish we failed) which is bearing some real sweet fruits by creating business opportunities for us all to exploit.

If you still doubt the world bank report that Ghana is the best place to do business in West Africa, then check this out. Adidas is set to open its first “originals neighbourhood store” in West Africa in the capital of Ghana called Accra to strengthen the bond between Adidas and its streetwear consumers. They settled on Ghana because of the sweet fruits of our infrastructural tree under JM like good and high quality roads which has reduced the traffic situation and wearing out of cars, improved access to electricity and water etc. These fruits of our infrastructural tree has opened up business opportunities to be exploited and a major reason why Ghana is the best place to do business in West Africa today.

Yes, we needed jobs but I am yet to see a job created without putting up infrastructure first. The farmer needs good roads to transport farm produce to the market, citizens need up to standard health facilities to stay healthy and increase productivity, industries need regular electricity and water supply for production, etc. These are the sweet fruits the infrastructural tree of president Mahama and Ghanaians at large is bearing and making the world yearn to have a bite by doing business here.

It is said that patience is bitter but its fruits are more than sweet. We are enjoying these sweet fruits as a nation today because we patiently worked with president Mahama to nurture the infrastructural tree.
Catch you on the flip side, folks.


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