From an ‘Onaapo’ Christmas to ‘worst Christmas ever’: A tale of deceitful change!

Just a year ago, around this same time, Christmas was buzzing around Ghana. Such was the pomp and pageantry in the country, that the only ones that were left out of the Merry of Christmas were NDC faithfuls, like myself,who were grieving, and struggling to come to terms with our painful loss in an election we were ever-so confident of winning, given our impressive record of governance under John Dramani Mahama.

In what would now become a bitter change, the popular hit song “Onaapo” which was carefully composed to celebrate the unprecedented achievements of President Mahama, became the preferred mockery tune for the then Christmas celebrants.

However, in a matter of 12 months, the Joy and hope of the Ghanaian people has dissipated into thin air. Indeed, so dramatic is the fall in the fortunes of Ghanaians​, that they have come to realize only in a matter of 12 months, that they fell to a great deception in December 2016. Listening to depressing vibes around the country, it suffices to say, that Ghanaians have changed their coloured TV for black and white.

Christmas 2017 could easily pass for the worst Christmas in the history of Ghana. Walking around town, one would hear comments like “… Akuffo Addo Bronya wei de3 (to wit, this Akuffo Addo Christmas is so bad). Today, prices of goods and services have gone off the roof, whilst Dr. Bawumia’s naughty boy (the Ghana Cedi), is dancing “pwalogo” and “agbodza” on the streets, contrary to claims by our “Economic wizard” Vice President that he has arrested the Cedi and handed over the keys to the IGP.

Indeed, so bad has the economy turned, that I do not intend to add sore to injury, by boring you with the stale micro economic indices. The reality in Ghana today is that average Ghanaian households cannot afford their usual one “akoko” (chicken) and rice for Christmas. Civil Servants for the first time have been denied their 10% bonus for Christmas. It will not be far-fetched to say that, parents are beginning to have nightmares about 2018 already, due to the sad reality of paying school fees and surviving through the torturous month of January.

The great Deception

Now, let me take this opportunity to remind Ghanaians of the cocktail of lies and deceitful promises that were made to sway them into changing the impressive government of President Mahama, for what has become an obvious fraud!

1. One District, one factory. (Which has turned into a white elephant).

2. One Constituency, $1million. (Which has turned out to be a Trojan Gift)

3. One Village, one dam (another great deception)

4. Fight against corruption. (This government has rather formalized corruption and has taken it to unprecedented levels. Corruption is today bred and buttered at the Flagstaff House, its citadel. What is even more shameful in all this is the tacit approval of the President to acts of thievery and corruption in his government.)

5. All-inclusive government with employment opportunities for all. (This government has turned out to be a government of brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, nephews and cousins, family and natives, cronies and friends and I dare say, girlfriends and concubines.)

Let me pause here, and remind Ghanaians that January 7th, 2018, presents us a fine opportunity to do a critical, sector by sector assessment of one year of this horrendous change. In the meantime, Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to us all. The Lord remains our provider.

Article by Sammy Gyamfi, NDC Communicator

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