Frist Lady Provides Education Materials & Medical Supplies To Some CHPS Compounds At Ampoma in B/A Region

Improving access to Education and Health without the provision of basic things like learning materials, shoes, bags for school children and also medical supplies for health institutions is like doing a disservice to the people you serve.

This is because the two goes hand in hand and without them the security of the country could be threatened.

This is why government does not relent on its efforts to support these two sectors.

First Lady Lordina Mahama was said this when she presented at separate events education materials to some schools and medical supplies to some to be distributed to some CHPPS compounds at Ampoma in the Brong Ahafo Region.

After a brief ceremony, First Lady Lordina Mahama visited one of the beneficiary schools Ampoma Anglican Primary School, to present some of the items which include shoes, sandals, and school bags among to the children.

The school went gay as all the school children came out of the classroom when they were told the First Lady wanted to give them those gifts.

Most of the children virtually came to school without sandals while others came with slippers.

Those who had shoes on had theirs totally worn out. This was pathetic.

The sandals donated brought joy to both teachers and the children.

One after the other the First Lady put the sandals on the feet of some of the children and also interacted with them.

First Lady Lordina Mahama asked the children to learn hard and be obedient.

She stressed that government is expanding access at all level of the educational system to enable children reach their full potential.

She said the benefits of education may not be immediately apparent but in the future the dividends help raise many families out of poverty.

The headmaster of Ampoma Anglican School James Anobah could not hide his joy and was grateful to the First Lady for the gesture.

The medical supplies and drugs and a refrigerators are for the CHPS compounds in Ampoma.

They are to advance delivery of healthcare of the people.

The First Lady later inspected various projects which include a Market, ICT Centre, a Lorry Park, Kindergarten and Nursery block.

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