Dr. Valerie Sawyerr, reaping the fruits she never sowed in her life; she’ll of course throw tantrums at H.E Former President Jerry John Rawlings.

This woman never struggled and hustled for the sudden elevation she got during the reign of former president John Atta Mills. She was put there as a deputy Chief of Staff unmeritoriously and undeservingly.

She should first tell the whole world how she became the deputy Chief of Staff. What has been her contribution to the party aside helping President Mahama to lose one of the vital constituencies in Greater Accra in 2016, because of her avowed hatred for President Rawlings?

Was it not Valerie who has now arrogated to herself the high moral ground, who sacked party people from her father’s house?

There’s more to her vulgarity than meet the eyes. If this woman was doing all these things based on good cause, who would have had any axe to grind with her? All her immature actions are borne out of “jealousy”.

Readers would recall that it was Valerie Sawyer and her cohorts who running day and night in the Korle Klottey constituency tried everything possible to sabotage the President Rawlings’ daughter’s Parliamentary campaign. But all these wicked and devilish agendas were defeated. Sadly the divisions she created in the party led to the supporters to vote skirt and blouse in that constituency costing President Mahama vital votes.

Her callous agenda also involved sponsoring Henry Lartey to spew vile propaganda against President Rawlings during the last election. Really who cost NDC the last election? The one who sowed seeds of disunity or the one who spoke the truth about what was required by the party to defeat the NPP?

Placing square pegs like Valerie Sawyer in round holes during the past two presidential tenures led to the subsequent sweeping defeat the party suffered in the 2016 election. No wonder! Valerie Sawyer, sheepishly *gerding* her loins, prefers that President Rawlings will boom against the current President to enable her gain another opportunity to be in power to feed fat in government.

She ignorantly tags President Rawlings as corrupt and refers to a vehicle that was refurbished and returned to the former President as a surprise on his birthday, as birthday gift just shows how detached she is from reality and how blinded she is by bitter enmity.

Does this so-called Doctor understand the legal meaning of corruption at all? If she does, she’s a complete disgrace to academia by alluding to the vehicle matter as bribe. The vehicle was not a gift in the first place.

Former President Rawlings’ cry about corruption in this country has never ceased and will not stop. He’s the number one crusader against corruption in the country. Dr. Valerie Sawyer and all those who are hell bent on killing the only voice against corruption in the Ghana won’t fly. They’re trying hard to silence all anti-corruption crusaders, so that they’ll have the field day to loot the country drier and drier.

She wants us to rewind the tapes of rampant corrupt acts perpetuated by our own heartless people in government, during the free for all tenure of the past administration. Corruption was such a household name which the NPP capitalised on to win the election. It wasn’t H.E former Jerry John Rawlings alone, who saw it, but all Ghanaians.

So, for Dr. Valerie Sawyer, to spring up and veer off the main issues discussed by the founder, to something else and her own thinking beats our imagination. And we shall deal with her appropriately if she continues.

Madam Valerie Sawyer, leave the founder alone. He’ll no more be the monkey to work and the baboons of your type to come chop waa waa waa!!. The days of our founder being used is over.

We are assuring this pretender, that if she doesn’t respect the late Harry Sawyerr, who gave all his heart and support to the founder, former president Jerry John Rawlings, during his working days, and allows jealousy to consume her, we will not look back again but treat her with the disdain she deserves.

ibrahim Hardi,convener/spokes person.
Contact 0208235615.

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