Free (SHS) Policy Cannot Be Nana Addo’s Original Idea -Kofi Adams

The Free Senior High School (SHS) Policy cannot be Nana Addo’s original idea since it’s a constitutional mandate that must be fulfilled by all government, National Organizer of the ruling National Democratic Congress, Kofi Adams has said.

He adds “Whether or not education at the second-cycle level should be free is not anybody’s initiative.”

That notwithstanding, Adams intimated the best way to consolidate the sector and improve on quality in the educational system is by making sure there is easy access in the country.

In pursuit of this, he said this is the reason the NDC government wants to drive at, implementing the progressively free policy specified under the constitution by ensuring it first creates access to education before pursuing vigorously the free aspect of it.

He claimed Nana Addo’s quest to first jump onto the free SHS policy is problematic.

“This almost seemed like a mirage to us- how can you pursue free SHS without possible access to education. The constitution injuncts you on first-thing-first- which is making sure there is access throughout the various levels.”

President Mahama has said the building of the free day SHS schools forms part of the progressive free education and the access he promised in 2012.

According to him, 240,000 vacancies would be created for Ghanaian children once the 123 free day schools are accomplished.

Meanwhile, Nana Addo, who moved into the last election with a solid campaign on the promise of free SHS, is accusing the NDC of ‘stealing’ the ideas of the NPP on education and implementing same badly.

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