Youths in the Brong Ahafo are demanding of the President to use his constitutional powers to pardon Mugabe Maase (Host of Montie FM), Ako Gunn member of the NDC and Alistair Nelson of the PPP.

The youth organizer of the NDC-Asunafo North and spokesperson for the #FreeMontie3 movement, Edem Koku Edem has condemned the leadership of the judiciary for what he calls ‘harsh judgement’ on the media and the have-nots in the society. ‘There is an attempt to cement the intimidation of the NPP….. This is the all-die-be-die of the NPP unleashed in Phase 2. Where was those judges when they were asked to prepare their will? What did they do to that person? If they 4 months jail was to senitize the airwaves, it has failed to achieve that. Was it necessary to have invited the owners of Montie FM? What was the motive? The CJ should then resign because she chaired the Yams and Goats bribery.’

The Brong Ahafo Youth intend to petition the first lady, Dr Lordina Mahama to speak the word of peace to the President. They noted that a lot of the advisers around the president are hypocrites and do not want the victory of the President. The peace and tranquility of Ghana is dependent on Free Speech and for an institution to gag free speech, is a recipe for chaos.

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