Free Montie 3, kill your 2nd term bid – Tarzan warns Mahama

President John Mahama would be killing his second term presidential bid should he succumb to pressure and free the Montie trio, Dr. Charles Wereko-Brobby, former CEO of state power producer Volta River Authority (VRA) has warned.

“I do not need to conjure my inherited DNA powers from Okomfo Anokye to predict that if the president were to act in the interest and name of the NDC, instead of the people of Ghana, it will sound the death knell for his second term ambition.

It will also be the last gasp act of the ‘gaping sycophants’ who have trotted out to be seen publicly to be putting pressure on their boss to act unwisely. Yet I have this underlining feeling that all these folks who enjoy the V8 & S7 trappings of power will act so brazenly unless it is all part of a shambolic, coordinated act of which JDM is fully aware of, and/or orchestrating from the comfort of the Flagstaff House,” Dr Wereko-Brobby, known in political circles as Tarzan wrote in an article.

The trio: Alistair Nelson, Godwin Ako Gunn, and Salifu Maase, aka ‘Mugabe’, were cited for contempt by the Supreme Court for scandalising and bringing the name of the bench into disrepute when they threatened to kill justices of the court during a discussion on political talk show Pampaso, hosted by Mugabe on Accra-based Montie FM. They were sentenced to a four-month jail term.

Following their sentencing, supporters of the governing National Democratic Congress, groups, friends, and family have mounted pressure on Mr. Mahama to grant them pardon by invoking his prerogative of mercy powers under Article 72 of the 1992 Constitution.

A petition book to solicit one million signatures in support of freeing the convicts has been opened at Radio Gold. It has been signed by some Ministers and Deputy Ministers. The Ga Traditional Council on Monday, August 1, at a news conference, also joined the fray and pleaded with Mr. Mahama to show mercy.

Dr. Wereko-Brobby, however, cautioned Mr Mahama to be careful with whatever decision he takes on the trio saying: “If he [Mr. Mahama] still wants a second term to fix the power crisis and complete the construction of the 200 model SHSs, I will advise him to allow the ‘Montie 3’ to serve their sentences in full and then pardon them à la Bill Clinton’s pardon on his last day in office, which ironically is threatening his return to the White House as First Gentleman.

My firm advice to my brother John is to clothe himself in the Japanese robe of the humane Mikado, who declared that his object was “to let the punishment fit the crime and make each prisoner repent.”


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