An affectionate loyalist of NPP’s acting Chairman Freddie Blay and a constituency Secretary of the New Patriotic Party in Tano South *Patrick Kwarten Sarpong* known in political circle as *”P.K  Sarpong”* is reported to have duped members of a Whatsapp Group identified as “Freedom Of Speech”

The group whose administrator is said to be a resident of Milton Keynes, comprises of NPP members living in the United Kingdom. In the later part of 2015, a dubious *P.K  Sarpong* who was member of the Whatsapp Group innundated the group with great pressure demanding from them financial support for his constituency of which he is the Secretary. *P.K Sarpong* is said to have suggested to the group that, he has identified some Schools in Tano South Constituency and that , their demands were exercise books and other stationaries . *P.K Sarpong* had also suggest to the group that, the proposed books and stationaries has to be branded with the colours of the NPP ,face of Nana Akufo-Addo and face of Parliamentary candidate for Tano South constituency and it is very key to win votes for the NPP in the upcoming 2016 elections.

Accordingly, Members of the group who are residents of UK, out of their anxious desire to see the NPP back to power  poured out huge financial donations in support for P.K Sarpong. The total amount as was said to have been given to *P.K Sarpong* is estimated at a little over Ghc 17,000 . News sources reported earlier that, *P.K Sarpong* took receipt of the realised amount from the Group’s administrator  Richmond  Mensah exactly one month after  he (PK Sarpong ) made notice of the appeal to the whatsapp group.

Few weeks after taking the money from the groups administrator with a promise to provide evidence on purchase and delivery of the books and stationaries to the various schools, the fraudster  *P.K Sarpong* exited from the platform clandestinely. Members of the platform has since demanded accountability from *P.K Sarpong*  over the huge amount of money which he took from them but all their efforts has proven futile. With some members threatening to sue the administrator of the group,  other members have also threatened to call for his head if he fails to find the whereabouts of *P.K Sarpong* for him to “vomit” back their money.

Inside information indicates that, *P.K Sarpong* is taking similar amounts of money from individual members for works that was never done.

Some other members of the party has bemoaned this criminal conducts from  *P.K Sarpong* as they have sent petition to the party for disciplinary actions to be taken against him. Some other members of the NPP party has likened the actions of *P.K Sarpong* as taken inspiration from his mentor ,Freddie Blay acting chairman of the NPP as they described Freddie Blay as the most corrupt person in the NPP after its flagbearer Nana Akufo-Addo .


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