Freddie Blay Is A Threat To National Security; BNI Must Arrest Him Now” – Bawumia Fun Club

We the members of the “Bawumia Fun Club” are utterly astounded by the direction at which Nana Akufo-Addo, Freddie Blay and their surrogates are leading the good NPP. News sources has implicated Dankwa Institute and Capt Koda as agents in the illegal importation of the three South African combatants to train the body guards and Photographer of Nana Akufo-Addo in how to throw bombs and how to to use riffles.

Latest in the news is an irresponsible pronouncements by Acting Chairman Freddie Blay. Mr Blay is quoted to have said bluntly that “the arrest of Capt Koda means Government is provoking ISIS”. When such reckless remarks are made overtly or covertly by Politicians, it indeed calls for worry. It is believed from the words of Freddie Blay that , our Flagbearer’s National Security detail Capt Koda and Dankwa Institute are colluding with ISIS to set our Nation on civil war, this does not augur well for our peaceful state of Nation. Mr Freddie Blay rather insinuates that Capt Koda is an agent to ISIS and hence, his arrest is going to provoke ISIS. This is too an irresponsible remarks and it’s a threat to National Security.

ISIS is a disastrous group that has been declared as a threat to humanity across the world. Their main occupation has been to maim and kill innocent souls across the world . We are intrigued that, the Acting Chairman of our party will stoop this low to make such hot-headed and thoughtless statements and rather walk freely. We on this note call on the the National Security Agency and the Bureau of national Investigation to invite Freddie Blay for questioning. Our nation is governed by Laws and orders and we must as citizens help in the proper and uncompromising security of our dear country


Mr Twumasi Ankrah, Chairman Akoko
Deputy National Coordinator,

Written by Web Master

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