Franklin Cudjoe doesn’t own Ghana – Oti Bless hits back

Member of Parliament (MP) for Nkwanta North, John Bless Oti has hit back at IMANI President, Franklin Cudjoe, over criticisms towards him on Citi FM’s News Analysis Program, The Big Issue.

Mr. Oti appears to have been irritated by Mr. Cudjoe’s comments, more recently likening his verbal attack on the Chief Justice to the hate-fueled rhetoric that fueled the Rwandan genocide in 1994.

The MP texted into The Big Issue, via the shows’ host Umaru Sanda Amadu, accusing the IMANI President of being too proud and commenting on political issues with seemingly no political experience.

“Please tell Franklin Cudjoe to learn how to talk… He speaks authoritatively as if Ghana belongs to him. He shouldn’t think that he knows everything in this country.

Tell him to use his so call knowledge in helping his people back in his small village instead of sitting on radio with unreasonable noise every day. Ask him whether he has ever won a unit committee election before? Tell him to go and contest elections in his own village and let’s see his performance.”

Oti Bless’ ‘beef’

Franklin Cudjoe’s affair with Oti Bless began after calls to President Mahama to withdraw Oti Bless’ nomination as the Deputy Minister for Local Government after some considered him to have made a mockery of his ministerial vetting.

A number of detractors pointed to the fact he could not even verify his own name when he was vetted.

Mr. Cudjoe, remarked that Oti Bless’ posture before Parliament’s Appointments Committee proved he was not fit for the position, and thus questioned the motive behind the nomination.

In the vetting that was aired live on state broadcaster, GTV, the MP fumbled questions pertaining to his name and education among other critical details.

Questions seeking clarity on his own CV presented to the committee, could not be answered satisfactorily and it was noted that he had made several vital omissions on his CV.

Most notable among the gaffes was the fact Oti Bless’ CV indicated he had completed a Master’s degree programme without having completed an undergraduate degree.

Attack on Chief Justice

Things have however take a more serious turn with the emergence of audio which has Oti Bless verbally attacking the Supreme Court on the same Montie FM ‘Pampaso’ programme, that saw the host of the show and two panelists imprisoned for contempt.

The MP accused the Chief Justice of “conniving” with the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) in an attempt to reverse the election results in 2008 and in 2012 among other allegations.

Mr. Cudjoe, in response to this latest development, likened the MP’s comments to the infamous ‘Hate Radio’ which ushered in the Rwandan genocide. “I am surprised the Chief Justice isn’t suing him by now,” the IMANI President said.

“The unsavory comments, the calumny, the vain glorification of treachery that was meted out to the Chief Justice – I am shocked.”


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