Former president Kufuor marks his own script, Say No to NPP!!.

Let’s not make mistake again by giving power to the npp especially under the person leading it now. Former president set the pace for us in this modern time to truly believe that,we can’t swept away history. We were told that,npp are the true enemies of the state in the early struggle for independence and have nothing better than grabbing left,right and central. Let me remember you some few things that happened under npp government led by former president kofour.

1. President Kufuor allowed his son to buy “kufour hotel”. Yes,we were made to believe his son is a young enterprising Ghanaian, not ordinary Ghanaian. He is the President’s son. Let nobody deceived that his relationship with the President did not play any part in him obtaining that facility from the banks. At the time that Chief Kufuor bought the hotel, there were a number of more enterprising Ghanaians who were striding the stairways of banks looking for ridiculously lower amounts of money to start street corner businesses who did not get a hearing. So it was clear that,former president played an important role for his son to raised such huge money for Hotel kufour.

What pained most Ghanaians at that time was the comments former President kofour made public that his son worked with PriceWaterHouseCoopers. Unless the President said that We did not know that place of work is accepted as collateral for anything. There that Ghanaians had the impressions and believe that the President and his family were cheating and looting the state.

2. In September 2006, CHRAJ found Hon. Dr. Richard Anane guilty of some allegations leveled against him and recommended to then President J.A. Kufuor that he be dismissed from office as the Minister of Health.

Dr. Richard Anane however resigned with a promise to fight for his innocence.

In March 2007, an Appeals Court Judge with additional responsibility on matters as a High Court judge, Justice Baffoe Bonnie declared CHRAJ’s ruling null and void on grounds that the Commission ought to have based its investigations into the allegations on a formal complaint.

The Court stated that by investigating the matter without an identifiable complainant, CHRAJ was behaving like the proverbial octopus: “stretching its tentacles to look for complaints to investigate,” an act which would be a “recipe for chaos”.

Former President Kufuor as npp leader failed to sack Hon. Richard Anane. The court of the land said he did not engage in corrupt practice. We had come to the conclusion that somehow or the other hon. Richard Anane had used his office in ways that were unethical and indeed npp under former president condoned or supported corruption.

3. Two Presidential Jets in an election year!!?,when poverty was and is still very clear in Ghana!?. It is not just the mentality, but indeed there is pervasive poverty and npp under president kufour went in for two Executive Jets. Now what are they saying!!?. 4.Former president kufour confer an award on himself,the nation’s highest award. It is simply not done anywhere in the world. I believe he is on record to be the first president to confer award on himself. All what some of us know is that,the former presidents wait for their successors to come after them to give them awards for their services to the nation. Indeed no one ever marks his own script. But former President Kufuor did. He determined that he had done well and proceeded to confer an award on himself. Majority of Ghanaians were appalled and concluded that former President Kufuor is a self-serving, self-aggrandizing president.

President Kufuor did not stop there but went further to appoint his own advisor to determine his ex-gratia together with others known as article 71 of public holders. Scratch my back, I scratch your back kind of deal.

5. When former president Kufuor was President of Ghana, there was all the protection that Ghana could muster. Former president kofour Went and bought three BMW cars with one armoured plated for his protection. He went home with the cars. A car meant for the protection of a President is used for the protection of president only. Logically, the state security apparatus had to go after him to collect them for the President of Ghana.

6. Former President Kufuor’s took a decision not to wait for the new NDC administration to implement his ex-gratia and his decision to appropriate a government bungalow to himself which he has started using as his office was a bad idea. We were told that he wrote to the government asking to be allowed to use the facility as his office. But to have gone ahead to start using the office without waiting for the government’s response was a sign of a bad leader.

Considering the fact that the Kufuor administration sold a lot of government bungalows to its functionaries, it was bad enough that the president himself is seen to have appropriated one for himself. We thank God that,Ghanaian understood the kind of people who came begging for power now. In the past Nana Addo embarked on Listening, Restoration of Hope and Thank You tours all over the country. He restructured and re-branded the NPP with new Electoral College and elected national officers to reflect regional, tribal, and gender balance. Dr. Sekou Nkrumah, Maame Dokono, Nana Ampadu, Owuraku Amofa, Frances Essiam – all former NDC Stalwarts became his friends and joined the campaign train. Yet the man could not fly!!.

Daddy Lumba, Pastor Ampong, Philapa Baafi, Christiana Love etc composed emotional songs for him – Nana is the winner, We are moving forward, Awurade Kae Nana etc. still,he could not fly!!.

He began to sit in public transport (trotro), drank pure water, Kenkey & Ampese in public, and visited people in their kitchens just to look ordinarily. The story was the same. Let one deceive you,ndc is the right party for Ghanaians especially,the ordinary people like my self. Ibrahim Hardi,email contact 0208235615.

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