Former MP indicted in visa fraud by UK High Commission threatens legal action

The former Member of Parliament for Asunafo South constituency, George Boakye, who was indicted in an alleged visa fraud by the UK High Commission in Accra, has threatened to take legal action if the commission fails to reverse the travel ban on him.
A leaked letter addressed to the Speaker of Parliament by Jon Benjamin, UK High Commissioner to Ghana, accused three sitting MPs and Mr Boakye of visa fraud.

They are accused of capitalising on their diplomatic passport to commit illegal immigration actions by helping relatives and associate overstay in the UK.
Consequently, a 10-year travel ban to the UK has been slapped on them.
But lawyers for the embattled former MP have signed a letter to the UK High Commission denying he travelled on a diplomatic passport.
“In respect of the period in question, my client travelled to the UK with a normal Ghanaian passport with passport number H1050729, and not a diplomatic passport. My client was granted two years UK visa from 14/9/12 to 14/9/14 with visa number 011164422,” the

Mr George is accused of helping his daughter overstay in the UK by the High Commission.

But according to his lawyers, “The purpose of the visit to the UK by the client and his 37-year-old daughter was a private one. My client returned as scheduled. His daughter, who is an adult failed to return as scheduled. My client cannot in any way be blamed because his adult daughter overstayed her Entry Permit into the UK.”

“We are expecting that based on the information we have provided, we expect your high office to reverse any travel ban imposed on my client and also come to the public domain to clear the issues. Your failure to do so will compel my client to use all legal means to appeal against any decision to impose a travel ban on him to the UK and also clear his name,” the letter said.

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