Food Suppliers spend night again at premises of Buffer Stock Company

7th July 2023

A visit by Citi News to the Buffer Stock Company shows that members of the National Food Suppliers Association are still picketing despite an assurance from government that their debts will be settled.

The suppliers were again sleeping under rough weather conditions. This comes after two members of the association were taken ill on Wednesday, July 5, at the premises of the Buffer Stock Company.

Minister of Agriculture Bryan Acheampong visited the disgruntled workers on Thursday evening, July 6, and promised to liaise with the Ministry of Finance to have their two-year arrears paid.

During the minister’s interaction, he assured them that he would revert with a payment date on Friday afternoon.

However, members of the association say the minister’s assurances are not enough, hence their reason to continue picketing.

Belis Ofori, one of the suppliers, said in an interview with Citi News on Thursday night, “Yes, we are still here picketing. We are sleeping till Friday. Minister of Agriculture Bryan Acheampong came to give some assurances. He said he will have a discussion with the Finance Minister. And plans will be put in place to ensure that we are paid. But we told the minister that we will be waiting for him on Friday for the feedback he brings. We want to wait until he finishes the meeting with the Finance Minister and gets us feedback by 4 pm on Friday. Before we will determine the way forward, but for now, we are here picketing, good night.”

The group has accused the government of neglecting them while it makes efforts to pay other suppliers.

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