6 REASONS WHY Ghanaians MUST vote for change in government – Prof JEA Mills- FLASHBACK:

The government says we are progressing but the evidence does not support their assertion.

We need a change in direction to get a different result

Many Ghanaians want a change in government
Is it not obvious that change is needed given the hardships that people are facing?
Ghanaians are lamenting that things are not going well.
Everyone knows that there has to be a change in government
Let’s change for the better
Vote for CHANGE and not the status quo

Let’s change government FOR PROSPERITY
Let’s change government for TRUTHFUL LEADERS
Let’s change government TO CURB CORRUPTION
Let’s change government TO REDUCE ARM ROBBERY
Let’s change government TO ‘HUMBLE’ THE PROUD POLITICIANS
Let’s change government FOR GOD TO BLESS US

What do you think?

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