Five-Week Timeline Estimated for Full Data Service Restoration, Say Subsea Cable Providers

In response to the ongoing disruptions in data services caused by undersea cable damages, the National Communications Authority (NCA) convened a crucial face-to-face meeting this afternoon with key stakeholders in the telecommunications sector.

The meeting, attended by the top management of all four subsea cable landing service providers (ACE, MainOne, SAT-3, and WACS) alongside the three major mobile network operators (AT, MTN, and Telecel), aimed to address the current challenges and devise strategies for a way forward.

According to the NCA, the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and subsea cable landing service providers are actively collaborating with their international partners in the sub-region to enhance data capacity progressively. Remote identification of approximate damage locations has been conducted, with repair vessels primed for dispatch to assess and restore connectivity.

However, the subsea cable landing service providers have issued a conservative estimate, indicating a minimum timeframe of five weeks for full service restoration from the dispatch of repair vessels to various locations.

Recognizing the widespread impact on economic, academic, and social activities, the NCA reaffirmed its commitment to engaging relevant stakeholders. Moreover, it anticipates some relief in data services in the interim as operators intensify efforts to reinstate full connectivity.

In a bid to ensure efficient local content delivery and seamless internet traffic exchange, the NCA encourages active participation from Mobile Network Operators, Internet Service Providers, and all relevant stakeholders in the operations of the Ghana Internet Exchange (GIX).

The NCA pledges to keep the public informed of any developments as they arise, underscoring its dedication to mitigating the disruptions and fostering a robust telecommunications ecosystem.

For further updates, the public is advised to stay tuned for communications from the National Communications Authority.

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