The discussion on the medical report published by the African Watch is still at the blazing point in the media with all kinds of weird machinations being applied by the political actors.Moves to link people to that senseless move is becoming increasingly difficult because of the loose way the whole gimmick was packaged.Hawkism is blinding us from seeing realities around us,dogmatism reducing others to mere political dancers whiles unbridled crave for power rendering people we once held in high esteem,too ordinary.

I watched and listened to John Kumah on Goodmorning Ghana (Metro TV) this morning when he featured on the programme with the Communication Minister Dr Edward Omane Boamah and was taken aback after his submission.The youngman struggled throughout the programme trying to rescue his party from that shameful action being mischievously blamed on innocent souls and in his struggles to decorate that horrible picture,ended up exonerating the NDC of blame.In politics,history must always guide our steps to avoid reoccurrence of wrongs,and repetition of positives.


What happened isn’t new when it comes to UP politics.After all the wicked treated they unleashed on Nkrumah,they trailed him to Guinea to demonize the character Nkrumah.To justify his overthrow and tagging of the Great leader a murderer,they collaborated with some elements in Guinea opposed to Sekou to plant dead bodies around the residence of Nkrumah in Guinea on two occasions.A Guinean was arrested by one Sgt Sekou Toure when then attempted the third move.Nkrumah was moved from his original residence to another area because of such silly moves.When Nkrumah’s sickness started deteriorating,the Guinean authorities dispatched emissaries to Busia and Edward Akufo-Addo to allow Nkrumah to return for herbal treatment but these men cruely rejected the appeal and stood by the decision the second time.One Ohene Kwame who was part of Nkrumah’s security detail who accompanied Nkrumah to Guinea arrested an Ivorian with bomb on his hiding close to Nkrumah’s new abode in Guinea.I think it is time people like Professor Akosa,Vladimir Antwi Danso and others privy to these facts declassify them for the public’s consumption.Senior Abdul Malik Kweku Baako has done enough when it comes to such stories and needs to be supported.


We heard Atta Akyea on tape packaging ideas with other Npp stalwarts including Malik Yakubu to dump dead bodies in some principal streets in the Volta Region just to create disaffection among the the Voltarians against the NDC party . Unfortunately for this great land we allowed this horrible case to pass smoothly under the bridge and today this dangerous character is sitting in Parliament promulgating laws for us.We heard members of the Npp call on their support base to kill school children to establish case of frustration.

We heard and saw how pregnant women were murdered and bodies dumped in our streets prior to the 2000 elections and the testification one Quansah gave about the strange killings.


Prior to the Npp’s Congress to elect its executives we heard the wicked mischinations that went on,how the Akuffo Addo faction who have never liked Afoko,planted in the media and story linking Afoko to drug use and trade and how this wicked plot was cleverly packaged with the support of some foreign media allies and agencies.We heard from them attempts to poison some senior party official etc.The issue about Nana’s medical record came up during the period.Dr Anane openly questioned the health status of Nana and demanded for his medical record to made available and one Dr Ernest Yeboah who is an ardent supporter of the Npp and a neurologist based in Canada also released into the public domain information suggesting that Nana has a terrible medical record which will render him ineffective even if power lands on his lap.These were sayings and projections by Npp stalwarts not NDC officials


People may have their avowed position on the Supreme Court petition trial but I know very well that with our Good Lord presiding over our affairs,posterity will one day come to know the mischievous machinations behind that wasteful venture.They cleverly worked on the subconscious instinct of members of the party not to rise up against Nana to pave way for his re-election and it worked as designed.It is not mind-boggling to see all the so called hardworking executives sacked in the elections after the Petition at their Congress.

Sum up all the points enumerated and would understand why Afoko promised Ghana that soon the real killer of Chairman Adams will come out.Soberly reflect over events prior to that wicked act and aftermath actions and will understand the embattled chairman.

Steve Mallory the editor of African Watch publishers of Nana’s medical records was the chairman of FONA (friends of Nana Addo) and used his paper to demonize the image of both Prof Mills and President Mahama in collaboration with some local tabloids,he is a close associate of Gabby Otchere Darko and Nana himself and can rightfully be described as part of Nana’s household so why the publication and why did the Daily Guide owned by Blay and the statesman the only newspapers to publish the report locally.Why did Nana start mentioning his health issues in the media and on his campaign thrills prior to the publication.Why did he adopt the strategy of creating an impression of coming under attack by his opponent.

I think we must be guided by our past as we surge on,we must remind ourselves of actions by Busia prior to our independence.

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