How to find love in 2017

Shake up your dating formula
2017 is not the year to repeat the same meet-date-breakup relationship pattern. So to avid this, change your gameplan. Don’t go to crowded places, try the gym or your office. If you change up your environment, you’re bound to cross paths with some new faces. Try to be friends with people with similar interests so that it is easier to break the ice at these places.

Keeping a packed routine brings money home. However, money can’t buy all the happiness you need. You need a companion to share intimate moments, make future plans with, someone to call your own. You can only find someone if you spend time getting to know people and accepting dates.

Biblically, “there is no one on earth who is righteous, no one who does what is right and never sins”. Go easy on yourself, make that criteria flexible and realistic: you are not a quality control officer. Mr. Right is not a series of attributes that can be quantified and crossed off like an itinerary. Look out for the basic qualities of every good husband-to-be and then let time and their individual personality guide your perception of him.

Dress right, dress culturally to attract the right man. If you are looking for a husband; not a man with benefits, don’t immediately start upping your sex appeal to lure the wrong men whose romantic desires don’t align with yours.

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