Film Producers And Organizers Of Dumsor Vigil Endorse John Mahama

Whilst the former PRO of Ghana Film Producers Association of Ghana FIPAG, Socrates Sarfo, is moving from one radio station to the other campaigning for the opposition NPP’s 2016 Presidential candidate, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, the current PRO of FIPAG in the person of Mr. Ola Michael, has come public, calling on players in the creative art sector to support and campaign for the NDC’s 2016 Presidential candidate, John Dramani Mahama.

Speaking to GhanaPoliticsOnline.Com on his intention to fully and actively campaign for John Dramani Mahama, he stated that though he’s a Kumasi based film producer and the NDC government is on records, has low votes from Kumasi, he has come to realize that the NDC government has done a lot for Kumasi compared to NPP.

“With NPP because they know Kumasi people will always vote for them they do little for the region and you can go into history of development in Kumasi — you will realize that major projects were done by NDC” he claimed.

According to him, JDM by far is one president who has done great works for the region and has the right to be supported for a second term in office to finish what he has begun.

He disclosed that a group called Ashanti Faithfuls For Mahama has been formed by some movie makers and stars in kumasi and very soon, a press conference would be held ahead of the Nov 7 national polls where all the projects and full reasons why every Ghanaian and every Ashanti needs to vote for John Dramani Mahama shall be made known.

Speaking about the creative arts where he belongs, he said when John Mahama was the Deputy Minister for Information during the NDC regime under Ex-president Rawlings, JDM as he has come to be called, single handedly saw to the drafting of the Film Bill.

“As Vice President he saw to a budget allocation of 2million to the creative arts industries which wrongly got into the hands of Musiga because of their pro-activeness. As a president, he has given his presidential accentuation to the Film Bill to be sent to parliament for passage in spite of all the commotions” Ola stated.

He continued, “He’s seeing to the building of a theatre in Ashanti region and soon will establish a film village in Ashanti region to make it home of the Ghana film industry. He created a ministry for the creative industry; at least for the first time in our lives we have a ministry.

“He also gave 1million Ghana cedis to the creative industry this year. Which president apart from Nkrumah has ever had the film industry at heart than president Mahama? The only time president Kufour remembered us was when he was sharing gold chains from 50cent (giggled)”

Political animal as Ola is, he used the opportunity to clamor for votes for candidate Mahama, stating, “If you are a film person and wants to see the industry built properly, you can’t deprive JDM your vote. You now know I am interested in the growth of the film industry?”

Clarifying why he participated in the eve-famous #Dumsor Vigil last year against the NDC government and now turning around to endorse John Mahama, he told GhanaPoliticsonline.Com that the #Dumsor Vigil was just a condition they were going through and as a good citizen, he decided to join but that doesn’t take the fact that the president deservers another chance.

“For so many years we have gotten a president who have said that he will solve and fix the dumsor and not manage it, and considering the conditions it’s clear that he’s solving it ” he ended proudly.


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