As immediate past President John Dramani Mahama starts his life journey in opposition, The aL-hAJJ can confirm of intense lobbying amongst some of his former appointees and close aides over who becomes his spokesperson.

Intelligence picked from the home of the former first family has it that right from the day the results of the election was declared which did not favor Mr Mahama, some appointees of the erstwhile NDC government have been using family sources to lobby the former President to name them as his official spokesperson.

Whilst some of the “spokesperson hopefuls” are said to be using persons who have the ear of the ex-President to lobby him, others are said to falling on the Mahama family and his household to grab the privileged position.

Presently, names of former deputy Transport Minister and 2016 NDC Campaign spokesperson, Mrs Joyce Bawa Mogtari; former deputy Minister of Power and Member of Parliament of Yapei-Kusawgu, JohnAbdulai Jinapor; former Communications Minister, Dr Edward Omane Boamah, and former presidential staffer, Stan Dogbe have come up at persons angling for the post.

“There has been intense lobbying from several quarters for the post of spokesperson for the old man (ex-president Mahama) since we lost the election. So far Omane, Joyce, Jinapor and Stan are in strong contention for the post,” a very dependable source close to the immediate past first family told The aL-hAJJ.

Though it is not clear who amongst the four ‘candidates’ the ex-president would like to man the post, sources say Mrs Joyce Bawa Mogtari is much favored by the party and Mahama family to take up the post.
“Amongst the four names, many prefer Joyce is given the post because they (the Mahama family) needs new face around John to give him a dignified public image. Joyce has an unblemished record, her demeanor, articulation and competency is admired by all as the ideal person to be around John,” the source noted.
But a major stumbling block that may let the deputy former Transport lose out much to the detriment of ex-Presidemt Mahama, another sourced stated, is threats being posed by the other competitors, particularly Stan Dogbe.

Mr Dogbe is said to be doing “everything possible to edge out Joyce. Stan is very close to some persons of John’s household who can easily prevail on John to consider him for the post. That is the only impediment on the way of Joyce.”

But the Mahama family, another source disclosed to The aL-hAJJ, are warning of dire consequences for Mr Mahama if the old faces who were accused of causing his defeat continue to represent his genteel and humble character even as ex-president.
Nana Akufo-Addo thwarted John Mahama’s plan of serving a second term by beating him in the December 7 election by securing 53.58% of the total valid votes cast, against Mahama’s 44.4%.

The then opposition leader’s victory was described as historic in many ways, as it was the first time a sitting President was beaten in an election, and also the first time a total vote difference of more than 1 million was recorded, between the winner and his closest opponent in an election in Ghana.

By convention, former Heads of States are required to keep spokespersons. This is what has created an avenue for allies of ex-president Mahama to be “fighting” over who speaks for him as ex-president.

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