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Rahim Banda takes “Back to School” project to Chief Imam’s community

Popular Ghanaian actor Rahim Banda yesterday took his “Back to School” project to the office of the the National Chief Imam Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharabutu after donating a number of exercise books to the Religious leader and his community.

The aim of the donation according to the actor was for the Chief Imam to share the books among the school children within his community.

In the recent past, the actor has donated to many schools and communities within and outside Accra.

Speaking to the media after the donation, Rahim Banda mentioned that Education is the best legacy any government can leave behind for its citizens and as we progress, we begin to understand the importance of grooming the next generation to take up important roles in society.

“The question is how? The answer is through quality education” the actor retorted.

He continued that “we cannot stand and watch the future of this prestigious nation roam the streets in search of a living forcing them to think they have no hope. “Back to school from the Streets” aims at motivating students to remain in school and to enlighten those on the streets to understand the importance of quality education.

Talent is important but developing your talent with the backing of quality education is a major advantage.

Attaining at least the Senior High School Education can help in pursuing whatever career satisfies you.

It is our job to use every platform available to promote education.

Rahim Banda also revealed that later this month,
the foundation will organize a football tournament in Zongo communities and use the platform to educate the youth on the importance of quality education.

We plan on organizing more events to mobilize the youth and educate them.

We hope by the end of it all our work would have made a strong impact in the lives of the people of Ghana.

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