Fadi Daboussi suffering from BP and Asthma – Lawyer

Fadi Dabousi is a staunch supporter of the opposition NPP

Lawyer for Ghanaian Lebanese pilot and author Faddi Dabbousi has revealed that his client is not in the best of health and his continuous detention by the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) could have deteriorated his condition.

Hassan Tampoli disclosed that his client is “asthmatic” and also suffers from high Blood Pressure (BP) and therefore demanded he should be released on grounds of his condition.

Hassan Tampoli told Ultimate FM’s Ato Kwamena Hazel, that he has on several occasions been denied access to his client and till date is yet to be told the actual charge for which he is been held by the BNI.

Fadi was picked up by the BNI at the Kotoka international airport on Friday on arrival from Egypt. He is the author of a book ‘‘59 years of Ghana to nowhere; the future is now’’.

But, Hassan Tampoli said if the President feels scandalized by the publication, he can go to court, but not use the BNI to intimidate his client.

“He should rather resort to the courts in addressing his concerns if he feels scandalized by the publication and not the BNI.

“I have been to the office of the BNI and I was denied access to him. I was told the officer responsible for the case was not in the office and that I can only have access to him on today”, he disclosed.

Meanwhile, about 300 copies of his book that were reportedly seized by BNI operatives have been returned.

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