External judges must investigate judicial scandal – Cameron Duodu

Journalist and novelist, Cameron Duodu has asked the Chief Justice to consider the option of bringing in judges from outside Ghana, to investigate the recent judicial corruption scandal.

A committee was set up to look into allegations of corruption against about 22 Judges but according to Mr Duodu, because the credibility of the judiciary has been punctured, it will be prudent to bring in external judges.

Cameron Duodu believes there is a greater chance that these judges will show solidarity with their colleagues in the process of administering justice.

“…before the tape came out, we did not suspect that judges could do these type of things they are alleged to have done …Now having had that evidence, having had that allegation, we must now ask ourselves if that is the case, if judges could behave that way, what trust can we give to other judges sitting on the matter, knowing that they are their brother judges…

“If we allow our own local Judges to adjudicate the matter, there is a strong possibility… that they will deliver judgement in solidarity with their fellow Judges because it is a profession like any other profession. People have tried to disgrace it and those who are left will feel a natural inclination to try to defend the profession as a whole…”

Mr. Duodu therefore suggested that external lawyers be made to look into the case since their laws are in sync with Ghana’s.

“We have commonwealth law in countries In Canada, Nigeria, New Zealand, Australia, New Zealand,  South Africa. We could invite some of these people to come, show them the material and advise as to whether to appoint a special prosecutor who will prosecute before them as it is done in the ICC.”

He also emphasized the need for the case to be handled with the utmost care that it deserves, saying it might be an exercise in futility if it is mishandled.

“… Of course we must prove but we must not be diverted from that through technicalities,” he argued.

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