The CVM is very hopeful that the Government of New Patriotic Party (NPP) under the leadership of Nana Akufo-Addo:
1) shall investigate the fraudulent contracts especially the sole-sourcing contracts under John Mahama administration.

2) Shall appoint Men and Women WITH substance, competence, track record, incorruptible Character, selfless nature, accessible attitude, credibility, integrity and above all outstanding emotional intelligence into Government Portfolios.

3) Shall NOT appoint Students as Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Presidential Staffers and CEOs for Government agencies/corporations.

4) Shall NOT appoint Dining Hall Prefects and Post National Service Personnel with no additional work experience as Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Presidential Staffers and CEOs for Government Portfolios.

5) Shall NOT appoint People with questionable Character into Government.

6) Shall properly implement All-Inclusive Government by facilitating and creating the enabling business environment for Private Sector Development. The proper implementation of All-Inclusive Government is through Public-Private Partnerships(that is, the Central Government empowering the Private Sector Businesses to flourish to create jobs, wealth and economic/financial independence).

All-Inclusive Government does not necessarily means that giving political appointments and Ministerial Portfolios to Leaders from other Political Parties and Technocrats to occupy.

All-Inclusive Government is about the creation of the enabling competitive economic and business environment for all Ghanaians to explore to be successful regardless of individual political affiliations.

7) Shall ensure that all Government contracts and businesses are fairly compete for devoid of political and tribal nepotism.

8) Shall appoint persons base on merit and competence, and NOT base on the fact that “We are the ones that brought the Party into Power”.

Yes, you brought your Party into Power but please allow competent hands to diligently and creatively steer the affairs of your Party’s Government to create jobs and wealth for you to enjoy as well as retains and maintains Political Power for you.

9) Shall restore the LOST dignity, trust, accountability and transparency in our governance system.

10) Should be very careful and circumspect in associating with some concealed policy think-tanks that are in bed with the NDC or else their vital information and creative concepts shall be stolen just like their 2016 Manifesto was stolen and launched ahead of the NPP.

Razak kojo Opoku
(Founder & President of
Concerned Voters Movement, CVM)

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