Evil natured people must be kept away from NDC- Rawlings

Former President Jerry John Rawlings has admonished the National Democratic Congress to keep away evil natured people in the rebuilding effort of the party after its humiliating defeat at the polls.

According to him, he has worked with bad people all his life. “Some wicked, some with character defects, but evil natured people must be kept away.”

However, he added that the NDC party he founded lack the intelligence “to recognise the presence of the evil-natured ones. The eyes and the nose to smell them.”

There was sustained laughter after he called for the evil ones to be weeded out of the party.
His called is similar to the one he made four years ago for the ‘babies with sharp teeth’ to be lowered in the bath water if the party cannot throw away the baby with the bathwater.
Former president Rawlings made the call when he addressed the 35th anniversary of the 31 December Revolution in Accra Saturday.

According to him, the defeat of the party was self-inflicted and that victory was handed over to the NPP on a silver platter.
He said he kept warning the party about its impending defeat but he was attacked together with other senior figures in the party.

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