Ensure Gt. Accra Reg. Hosp is properly maintained – Rawlings

Former president John Rawlings has said that he hopes the newly built Greater Accra Regional Hospital, formerly Ridge Hospital, is maintained properly.

Former President Rawlings said this will ensure that the hospital serves the general public for a longer period of time.
“I guess we are all feeling quite proud. This is a good job and I hope we maintain it to give it a long lifespan. I am hoping that the operators – the doctors, the staff and the [patients] – will conduct themselves in a manner that will preserve the sanctity of this place. The hygienic condition especially is looking so beautiful, so new, and so clean.”
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“I just hope that we can maintain the level of cleanliness to several years from now,” he added.
President John Mahama today inaugurated the Greater Accra regional hospital at Ridge today, November 30, 2016.
The old ridge hospital has been rehabilitated with ultra-modern facilities to improve health care delivery.

In 2013, the work on the refurbishment of the Ridge Hospital began for it to be branded as the Greater Accra Regional Hospital.
Ridge Hospital, one of the leading hospitals in the capital, has undergone expansion in many of its departments, including Imaging, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Accident and Emergency, Neonatal Intensive Care, Burns, Pharmacy and Laboratory.
The refurbished hospital has now been expanded from a 200 to 420-bed capacity hospital, particularly for its immediate catchment area.

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