Flag bearer of the National Democratic Party, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings is battling to restore her lost reputation following spirited denial by family of celebrated broadcaster, the late Komla Dumor; that she paid tuition fees of the late ace media giant when he was at University of Ghana.

The former first lady, according to sources close to her, is embarrassed by late Komla Dumor family’s denial and has been pondering over how to make subsequent public appearances to redeem her battered image.

The Dumor family’s denial of Nana Konadu’s audacious revelation that she took care of all the tuition bills of the late BBC screen icon at the university level, has now put the former first lady’s reputation on the cliff. Many Ghanaians are now questioning if the “end of road for Konadu has come”?

“I paid Komla Dumor’s fees at the university,” Konadu bragged on Starr Fm’s personality profile show, Starr Chat on Wednesday hosted by Bola Ray.

Aside tagging functionaries of the NDC as filthy corrupt and underserving to govern, Nana Konadu has been urging Ghanaians to vote out the ruling party on whose ticket her daughter, Dr Zanetor, is seeking to enter parliament.

She was recently quoted in the media to have said “the other thing that I think we should look at critically is the metering of electricity. How do you get somebody who has no clue about what kind of meters to bring into this country, to bring prepaid meters, faulty prepaid meters and force them on poor innocent Ghanaians. Why? You are discouraging us from making good use of what we have by bringing in faulty meters, this is totally unacceptable and for me on just this alone, we must vote NDC out, Ghanaians, vote them out.”
In her a bid to rundown the Mahama government, the former first lady has on countless occasions put her hubby, Mr Rawlings and her household into public ridicule.
Among her numerous effusions that has caused so much damaged to the once revered former first family is her recent pronouncement that she funded the late Komla Dumor’s university education.
Giving reasons why she supposedly opted to foot the bills of the late Komla Dumor, the NDP leader said, the late ace broadcaster was her husband, former President Jerry John Rawlings’ friend’s son and had to help him complete tertiary level education although she did not know him much then.

But in sharp riposte and, what probably may have come as a surprise to the embarrassed Mrs. Rawlings , family of the late Komla Dumor swiftly responded hours after her claims, insisting that the NDP flag bear’s assertions are “patently false.”

A statement signed by Korshie Dumor on behalf of the Dumor Family said “By the time Student Fees were introduced, Komla had already graduated from the University of Ghana. He was therefore never in a position to be required to pay fees to begin with.”

“It has been suggested that Komla received assistance in paying his University fees. Let me state without any equivocation: This is patently false. ..We cannot however sit idly by while falsehoods are peddled that fly in the face of basic verifiable facts,” the statement added.

The statement also warned the chatty former first lady who dumped the NDC to form the NDP following her defeat at the party’s Sunyani congress in 2012, not to “seek to reap where [she] has not sown.”
This, sources say, has brought so much discomfiture not only to Nana Konadu, but her hubby, Mr Rawlings and her household.

“What has happened is very embarrassing to say the least. How can a former first lady, now flag bearer seeking to lead this country after this year’s election be caught pants down to have told such a lie?” a worried source queried.

The aL-hAJJ has gathered that Mrs Rawlings, who since 2011 has made it an article of faith to run down the NDC and has been scheming to get the party out of power, is extremely worried about how people will take her corruption allegation claims against the Mahama government “now that she has been exposed as a liar.”

“What has happened is not good for anti-corruption stands. Many Ghanaians believe what she has been saying about the Mahama government, but here we are; one of her claims has been refuted with cogent evidence. Who will then take her serious again? I pray this does not mark her end in politics,” a known fanatic of Nana Konadu (name withheld) told this paper.

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