Emmanuel Jones Mensah not eligible to contest NDC Keta parliamentary seat

19th April 2023

The Functional Executive Committee of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is investigating the eligibility of a parliamentary aspirant for the Keta constituency, Emmanuel Jones Mensah.

Citi News understands the decision was taken by FEC at its meeting on Tuesday, April 18.

Sources within the NDC confirmed to that the Functional Executive Committee at its meeting on Tuesday deferred its decision on the eligibility of Mr. Emmanuel Jones Mensah, for further probe.

The decision by the party to put on hold the eligibility of Mr. Mensah after the investigations, sources say was borne out of a report by a special committee which disclosed that his name was not in the official Ashaiman database of the party as of 2018.

“This was after FEC considered the report of a special committee that has been set up to determine certain special appeals emanating from the decisions of vetting committees of the party. During deliberations on the findings of the special committee by FEC, it became apparent that Mr. Emmanuel Jones Mensah’s name was not in the official Ashaiman database of the party as of 2018”.

“FEC is expected to take a final decision on the eligibility or otherwise of the parliamentary aspirant upon receipt of a report from the party official who is responsible for the maintenance of the database of the party,” the source said.

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