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Electricity and fuel expensive under Nana Addo–Peace Fm’s Kwabena Marfo (video)

Accra-based Peace FM’s popular news anchor, Kwabena Marfo, has given a dressing down to Energy Minister, Boakye Agyarko, on radio, making it abundantly clear that the minister is disappointing high expectations of him.

In a very rare outburst from the jovial Kwabena Marfo, Agyarko and NPP was told that Ghanaians have had enough of talk-shop that has punctuated his workmanship so far.

On behalf of Ghanaians, therefore, Mr. Marfo demanded for tangible results that a boastful Agyarko promised when his party was in opposition.

“The way people are in dire straits in this country, if NPP and Nana addo don’t fix things and rather continue to engage in talk-shops….stop the talk-shop because talk is cheap… (when you were in opposition), you would go and sit on Oman FM and talk plenty about strategies for reducing fuel prices, strategies for reducing light bill and gas and all sorts of powers, but now that you are in office, you have suddenly shut up and sat down.

“Why you think we did not watch you people? You are encouraging people to see that you people you don’t speak the truth,” Kwabena Marfo said in his trademark fluent Twi.
The Peace FM news anchor apparently gave the dressing down on Okay FM as a clap-back at Boakye Agyarko, following a recent promise at the NPP’s national delegates’ conference that electricity tariffs will be reduced soon.
Mr. Agyarko had said: “Have patience with us, we have promised that electricity tariffs will reduce. Just as we said dumsor will be over, I’m assuring you that, very soon when you see your electricity bills, you will know that when NPP promises it honours it.”

Even though the Energy Minister’s promise had been in respect of electricity tariffs, the promise dovetailed many broken promises that the NPP had made to the electorate on the 2016 campaign trail, including a drastic reduction in fuel prices.

Interestingly, even as the NPP was promising more at Cape Coast, hikes in fuel price were in the offing.

Boakye Agyarko had only recently explained that government does not have control over petroleum product prices and that it is market forces that determine them – an explanation that is coming from people who had constantly berated the erstwhile Mahama government anytime fuel prices went up.

“Petrol, you policed for petrol (prices) to be reduced (when in opposition), but today you say it is market forces which determine petrol prices. In the past didn’t you know that it was market forces that determined the prices?” Mr. Marfo fumed.

The angry news anchor, who is seen to have spoken the minds of Ghanaians, warned that the massive escalations in fuel and electricity prices have made life unbearable for Ghanaians.
According to him, while Ghanaians suffer dire straits, the minister has only continued a boastful talk-shop.
Kwabena Marfo actually went fatalistic on Boakye Agyarko, saying that even any future reductions in fuel and electricity prices will be nothing but a of crafty monkey trick to fool Ghanaians.

“Do you know their strategy? When it is 5 cedi, they intentionally wait for prices to fluctuate upwards to 10 cedis and then he will come and announce that the price has been subsidized by 2 cedis and then fix the price at 8, where it remains stagnant (until the next major increment).”

Mr. Marfo told Agyarko that the talk-shop was enough and that it is high time Ghanaians started having a feel of loquacious promises that he made about fixing electricity and fuel prices when the NPP was in opposition.

According to him, the people of Cape Coast, where the NPP over the weekend had its national delegates’ conference, are especially suffering penury under the NPP government.

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