Ekumfi: President Mahama promises to construct Suprudu Bridge

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President John Mahama has assured the people of Ekumfi that their long awaited wish to have the Suprudu Bridge constructed over River Ochie will soon take off.

He announced that tender has been opened for contractors to bid, adding that equipment needed has already been procured.

Addressing a mini rally at Essuehyia in the Ekumfi district, the President also announced that Parliament has approved 3.2 million euros for water expansion projects in the country including Ekumfi.

The President commended the Chief of Ekumfi, Nana Mprey, for his exemplary role of following up on projects promised by government.

This was after Nana Mprey, enumerated completed projects by government.

President Mahama mentioned some town roads that will also see a face lift in the shortest time.

Chief of Essuehyia, Nana Mprey, thanked the President for fulfilling his promise to them.

He said though they lost a son, Professor Mills, they are happy to be blessed with another son President Mahama, whom they are proud of.

Later President Mahama, addressing a large crowd at Mankessim, assured them of peace before, during and after the election.

He said elections are not a do or die affair and the youth must not allow themselves to be bought with money to cause mayhem.

In 2012, during President Mahama’s tour to the Mankessim market, the market women requested that portions of the market be laid with pavement blocks. This has been fulfilled by government.

On his campaign tour to the market, the market queen known as Aunty Comfort again requested that the market is rehabilitated like it was done for the Kotokuraba market.

President Mahama, also announced that ten kilometres of town roads in Mankessim will be asphalted.

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