Ekow Micah Hits At NDC And NPP Politicians For Suffering From ‘Political Malaria’

Veteran Highlife musician turned Root Music artist, Nester Ekow Micah, has hit hard at both NDC and NPP politicians for suffering from what he calls ‘Political Malaria.’

Venting his rage, he said to that, “Something is really eating me up and I can never refuse to shut up on this.

I’m talking about the way some politicians have chosen not to respect themselves. Recently, I heard honorable Kennedy Agyapong saying that the EC boss gained her appointment from sex, which means the woman, is a prostitute.”

“This is what this big man is saying and up till date there hasn’t been any proof.

I was going through whatever it is on the internet then I came across another story after saying all these things that he came back to retract his words that he is a joker and that it was a joke.”

Turning his radar at the NDC side, he strongly condemned the actions and threat declarations of the Montie 3 – who are now in jail for 4 months. “My cutlass is cutting across. I’m not only picking on Kennedy Agyapong or the NPP. The NDC are equally guilty. They are both suffering from Political Malaria” he said emphatically.

He continued, “How can three educated and civilized gentlemen threaten the lives of Supreme court judges? What is coming over us? Where from this? Of course they know they are being supported by politicians so they can speak anyhow. Do you think the ordinary civilian can speak like this?”

Asked what he means by ‘Political Malaria’ he said , “Simple. Anyone who insults in the name of politics, can’t tolerate others divergent opinions, incite violence, disrespect people in authority by hiding behind a political party, or any untoward behavior fueled by politics is ‘Political Malaria.”

“Kennedy Agyapong is suffering from political malaria and the Montie 3 and all of them are suffering from Political Malaria” Ekow Micah ended. The ‘Nsuohye3’ hit maker, faced trial for possessing weed in his house but was duly acquitted and discharged – after it emerged that the weed was actually planted in his house.

Ekow is set to come out big soon with a concert to register his space in the game once again.

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