#EIBKwahu: Demand for condoms goes up

Revelers at this year’s Kwahu Easter, Saturday, received a surprise condom package from the Ministry of Health to boost their pleasure in the mountainous enclave while protecting themselves from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

But before the Health Ministry could go ahead with its laudable initiative, the product was in high demand, prompting fear that prices may go up.

Kasapa 102.3 FM News’ correspondent, Kwaku Opare Adesuoko who witnessed the distribution of the product reports that revelers could not help control themselves when the distribution got to their door steps.

“There is mad rush for the condom”, noted Opare.

Doris Yankson from the Reproductive Health Unit of the Kwahu Kotoso Health Center who led the distribution exercise told our reporter that because the young men and women are sexually active, it was necessary to protect them from teenage pregnancy.

“We also want to protect them from sexually transmitted diseases apart from teenage pregnancy”, she added.

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